Rådhusets Julkalender 2014 in Örebro

Interview with Pär Strömberg in Swedish radio P4 about the upcoming art event Rådhusets Julkalender in Örebro.

About 1 h and 50 minutes in to the show:


More info (in swedish) about the exhibition “Utanför Ramarna” here:


Exchange Rates group show in Bushwick Brooklyn NY (USA)

Exchange Rates presents: Platform – PAPER

Presenting PAPER: Andrea Cotton / Gareth Bunting / Susannah Douglas / David Hancock / Phill Hopkins / Paraic Leahy / Sharon Leahy-Clark / Simon Leahy-Clark / Naomi Lethbridge / Hayley Lock / Richard Meaghan / James Moore / Leanne Richardson / Conor Rogers / Jenny Steele / Pär Strömberg / Graham Watson / Simon Woolham / Hannah Wooll / Wen Wu /

Norte Maar Presents @ Schema Projects
92 St Nicholas Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Exhibition dates: 23 – 26 October 2014, Open Daily 12 – 6pm
Beat Nite: Exchange Rates Special Edition: 24 October, 6-10pm

Platform – PAPER is a collaboration between Seattle-based Platform Gallery and PAPER from Manchester, UK, hosted by Norte Maar @ Schema Projects for Sluice_ Exchange Rates.

Platform Gallery has exhibited challenging contemporary art from international artists working in a variety of media for the past decade. Sharing the ethos of Schema Projects, to exhibit work on paper, PAPER and Platform will transform the gallery into discursive environment that explores paper as a means of support. Platform – PAPER creates a transatlantic dialogue pairing artists working across America and Europe.


Snow in Summer (with Paper Gallery in Perth, Australia)

OPEN FROM TODAY at Peek-a-Boo, we are pleased to present:


1 – 31 August 2014

A curated show by Paper Gallery  from Manchester, UK



CABIN, Pär Strömberg, Watercolor on paper,2014

In response to Perth’s winter festival, PAPER asked a number of gallery artists to respond to the theme of winter. This unseasonal theme during the UK summer, inspired the title ‘Snow in Summer’, and asks each artist to push the boundaries of their practice, conjuring representations of what ‘winter’ means to them.

Participating artists: Alice Bradshaw, Jenny Core, Andrea Cotton, Susannah Douglas, Bethan Hamilton, David Hancock, Phill Hopkins, Paraic Leahy, Sharon Leahy-Clarke, Naomi Lethbridge, Hayley Lock, Richard Meaghan, James Moore, Leanne Richardson, Richard Shields, Jenny Steele, Pär Strömberg, Graham Watson, Hannah Wooll, Simon Woolham, Dawn Woolley, Rachel Wrigley, Wen Wu

Gotham Studios is proud to be a partner of the City of Perth Winter Arts Season.

Peek-a-Boo Gallery, Gotham Studios Inc

57 James Street Northbridge WA 6003

(at the James Street entrance to the Perth Cultural Centre)

1 – 31 August 2014

Artworks available for sale.



Further information: Kate Koivisto Wheeler chez.kkw@optusnet.com.au


Review (in dutch) of Droomkunst at Singer Museum in Laren (NL)

Review by Eric Bos (in dutch) now online from Visualia.nl from the exhibition Droomkunst in museum Singer Laren.

Nice words on my work http://www.visualia.nl/2014/06/1033-kijk-naar-de-kraaien/

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List of work – Come Twilight, Come Dark Night, Peek-a-boo Gallery/Gotham Studios – Perth, Australia

List of work – Come Twilight, Come Dark Night, Peek-a-boo Gallery/Gotham Studios – Perth, Australia

Please e-mail info@parstromberg.se for inquiries

News, press and other stuff from Come Twilight, Come Dark Night in Perth, Australia

Here you can find some links to press, news and other clips about the exhibition Come Twilight, Come Dark Night at Peek-a-Boo Gallery/Gotham Studios during the Perth Winter Arts Festival in Australia



Creative Crops

Creative Crops

On William

On William

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Gotham Studios

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With less than a few days until our official program launch, I’m pleased to

provide you with a 2014 City of Perth Winter Arts Season update.


Season Partners

Our 2014 season partners have been confirmed and are as follows:

ABC 720 Perth

We will be working predominately with John McGlue’s Drive program (3 – 6pm

weekdays) to cover Winter Arts content.


We will have a series of sponsorship and sweeper spots across weekdays,

weeknights and weekends and will work with producers to ensure regular WAS

coverage throughout the season.

The West Australian

Beginning this Saturday, a regular series of placements (advertising and

editorial) in General News and Arts pages to cover WAS activity.

Channel 7

Our WAS TVC will begin screening this Sunday and will run through to mid



Program Launch

The 56-page program will begin distribution around metropolitan Perth from

this week. A PDF version can be downloaded from the website here -


Skärmavbild 2014-05-28 kl. 11.25.31


Come Twilight, Come Dark Night exhibition in Perth, Australia

Lengthening Shadows of Winter: Strömberg’s Nordic Landscapes

Pär Strömberg (Stockholm, Sweden) heralds the start of winter, opening Strömberg Gotham
PAPER, the winter season at Peek-a-Boo Gallery, with deep shades of Scandinavian black
metal in his solo exhibition ‘Come Twilight, Come Dark Night

Event Name: ‘Come Twilight, Come Dark Night’
Artist: Pär Strömberg (Stockholm, Sweden)
Venue: Peek-a-Boo Gallery, Gotham Studios Inc (57 James Street, Northbridge)
Dates: 1 – 30 June 2014
This exhibition is part of the City of Perth Winter Arts Season 2014

‘Come Twilight, Come Dark Night’
The first of the three winter exhibitions at Gotham Studios’ Peek-a-boo gallery, Pär Strömberg’s
series ‘Come Twilight, Come Dark Night’ refers to anti-cosmic ideas and chaos theories within
the popular underground culture of Scandinavian black metal. Pär’s work takes inspiration from
light and darkness, situated in mental and physical landscapes and a subconscious symbolism
that acts as an incantation to make darkness visible.
The collection of drawings and prints that makes up ‘Come Twilight, Come Dark Night’ is a form
of diary, originally planned as a hand-bound book. Each individual work in this series, whether
lithograph or original drawings, combines to give a sense of the whole narrative that is played out
through the juxtaposition of images. As metaphorical hymns or psalms, talismans or incantations,
of a darkness visible. This exhibition coincides with the southern winter solstice.

About Pãr Strömberg
Strömberg (Örebro 1972) works and lives in Stockholm, Sweden and Amsterdam, The
Netherlands. He graduated from Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam 1996-1999 and the
Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm 2011-2013. An award-winning artist, exhibiting around the
world, Pär is represented by Ron Mandos Gallery in Amsterdam (NL) and Paper Gallery in
Manchester (UK).
Venue: Peek-a-Boo Gallery, Gotham Studios
Venue address: 57 James Street Northbridge WA 6003
(at the James Street entrance to the Perth Cultural Centre)
On view 24/7 – Unticketed

www.gothamstudios.com.au www.facebook.com/gothamstudios
www.parstromberg.se www.facebook.com/pages/Par-Stromberg-Artist/114346661908799
www.paper-gallery.co.uk www.facebook.com/pages/Paper-Gallery
Contact: (Further information, Media, Sales) Kate Koivisto Wheeler, Curator: chez.kkw@optusnet.com.au

Also visit Perth link: http://visitperthcity.com/event/str%C3%B6mberg-gotham-paper-0


Vastness and Sorrow II, lithography on paper 42 x 32 cm


A look into our future of 2039, from Totally Stockholm

totally stockholm-thumb-300x421-1176


“The only true voyage would be not to travel through a hundred different lands with the same pair of eyes, but to see the same land through a hundred different pairs of eyes” – Marcel Proust

When trying to predict how a future Stockholm might look we thought we should approach the subject in the spirit of Proust. And while we’re quoting former thinkers let’s throw in Abraham Lincoln and his memorable line: ”The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

We rounded up 50 creative Stockholmer’s to ask how their city will look, smell and sound in 25 years from now – what will we achieve and what do we want to become?

Welcome to 2039.

Read all statements on link below:




Pär Strömberg, artist and wine columnist

Pär Strömberg

Stockholm has grown stronger and bigger in the sense of cultural and social understanding. We are now the big city we always pretended to be, not just in the minds of various free thinkers. We will see a more progressive secularism and the cultural sector will gain more power on behalf of organized religion. There is a more outspoken equality and respect towards each other, where care for the elderly and our young are prioritized over big and global corporate profits. Stockholm will have lot’s of local wine dealers (without the monopoly), open permissive bars and hang-outs and a great and more developed (independent) cultural scene.




Upcoming shows spring/summer 2014

Pär Strömberg will, for the first time, show his work in Australia. A solo show named ‘Come Twilight, Come Dark Night’ will take place at Peek-a-Boo gallery during the winter arts festival in Perth in June. His work will also be included in a group show curated by Paper Gallery of Manchester at the very same place, under the very same festival, but, in August.
Other shows include  the Barnaby Festival in Macclesfield (UK) with Paper Gallery and in Laren at Singer Museum (The Netherlands) and last but not least in Torsby with my fellow colleagues/artist/teachers at Örebro College of Art and the 10-yrs anniversary group show at Galleri Garaget in the deep woods of Småland both in Sweden.
Other shows are being planned at the very moment so stay tuned for updates.

More info to come about the specific exhibitions closer to opening dates


Cabin, 2014, watercolor on paper


Gaahl’s Cabin, 2014, watercolor on paper

The Functionality of Thought with PAPER at AAF Battersea in London opens today

PAPER presentsThe Functionality of Thought

@ Affordable Art Fair

Battersea Park, London

13-16 March 2014


PAPER have been invited to take part in the new PROJECTS section of the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea. This new feature of the fair, housed by the main entrance will allow PAPER the opportunity to curate an exclusive exhibition for the event. Alongside a number of gallery artists who have created new work exclusively for this event, the exhibition will feature a number of new artists to PAPER including Rebecca Turner who was recently included in Paper at the Saatchi Gallery, Sharon Leahy-Clark who has previous exhibited at Tate, Shinbo Hiroshi, a Japanese outsider artist, Paraic Leahy, an emerging artist from Ireland who has won numerous award for his paintings and Allan Bech, a Danish artist who creates stunning surreal drawings.


In 1924 Andre Breton wrote the first Manifesto of Surrealism, in which he defines surrealism as: “Pure psychic automatism by means of which one intends to express, either verbally or in writing or in any other manner, the actual functionality of thought. Dictated by thought, in the absence of any control exercised by reason, free of any aesthetic or moral concern.” For the exhibition The Functionality of Thought we have asked several contemporary artists for whom these ideas remain prevalent in their practice today to further explore ideas of surrealism.


Allan Bech (DK) / Jenny Core / Andrea Cotton / David Hancock / Shinbo Hiroshi (JP) / Paraic Leahy (IE) / Sharon Leahy-Clark / Hayley Lock / Richard Meaghan / Leanne Richardson/ Pär Strömberg (SE) / Rebecca Turner / Graham Watson / Simon Woolham / Hannah Wooll / Dawn Woolley / Rachel Wrigley / Wen Wu


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ParAtc02   ParAtc01