Solo Exhibition: Pär Strömberg, ANIARA, Galleri Aniara in Sollentuna

To the Mountains II

To the Mountains II

Opening Friday June 30 3PM-6PM
Opening speech by Municipal Cultural Director Helene Burmeister at 4PM

30 June – 20 August 2017
Galleri Aniara
Sollentuna Bibliotek, Aniaraplatsen 2
191 21 Sollentuna, Sweden

2016 marked the 60th anniversary of Aniara by Nobel laureate, Harry Martinsson. A novel that has inspired many artists, musicians and theater/film makers for generations. In 2016, Pär Strömberg also received The Sollentuna Municipal Cultural Award, and to mark this he will present work inspired by Aniara at Galleri Aniara in Sollentuna. Strömberg depicts night skies, mountains, melting glaciers, strange sky phenomena, all with a dystopian, psychological twist. These paintings serve as a contemporary commentary to the novel and the discourse of the environmental threats and climate crisis in the world today. There is not only an apocalyptic atmosphere, but one of hope and beauty and a positive resurgent atavism.

Opening hours during the exhibition:
Mon-Fri 11-18
Sat-Sun closed

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